Consultants at Cast enjoy unparalleled flexibility in the way they choose to work.

Our cast members are experienced businesspeople with multiple years of experience in a top tier management consulting firm and many have also held leadership roles in blue chip corporations. They thrive on helping clients tackle their most challenging business problems, but also place a high value on having the flexibility to control when and where they work.

They are hard working and dedicated and sometimes need to apply this work ethic around other commitments.


Outstanding consultants are attracted to becoming a Cast member for the following reasons:

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A career with a high
level of flexibility

Our model provides the flexibility for you to work full or part days, full or part weeks, fixed or flexible hours, on short term or longer term contracts. You can choose to take leave of any duration. Our role is to match your availability to client demand. This flexibility is the core of our model – rather than the exception - and so provides a sustainable career for you in the long term.

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We take care of
the little things

Our consultants provide their services to us via their own company structure as a contractor. We provide our consultants with an email address, business cards, reception and secretarial services. We manage all client invoices and make payments directly to the consultants’ nominated bank accounts.

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Our brand is such that we can usually sell your services at a higher fee than that which you are able to negotiate independently. We also have a steady stream of client demand that minimises the down-time between client assignments you would typically experience as a sole practitioner. We are able to offer competitive compensation.

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Clients sourced
for you

When you join our network we source client work for you. You will not need to spend valuable time and effort developing and pitching proposals to ensure you have a pipeline of work and regular income. We have a steady stream of clients as well as a valuable network of referrer firms.

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A community of
outstanding people

It is exciting and fulfilling to be a part of our team – we have all served long apprenticeships in the highest quality learning environments, we are all high calibre practitioners who share a deep commitment to making a significant difference to our clients’ success. We all enjoy staying abreast of and sharing the latest developments in our field, and we all value the opportunity to work flexibly as required.

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When joining our network we do not insist that you provide all your consulting services through our firm. We understand that at times you will provide services directly to clients you have sourced independently. We do ask that, once we have introduced you to one of our clients, you do not contract directly with that client without our involvement. We appreciate that there will be occasions where, after consulting via our firm with one of our clients, a consultant may choose to join that client as a permanent employee. In this situation, we will charge the client a placement fee, and that will be made known at the commencement of the consulting engagement.