Cast was founded in 2010 by Adam Lewis, formerly the Managing Partner of McKinsey and Company in Australia & New Zealand, and Cindy Carpenter, formerly the General Manager of Boston Consulting Group in Australia/New Zealand.

"After many years at the highest levels of the consulting industry it became clear to me that clients were sometimes frustrated by their inability to access top-tier consulting advice on a flexible basis. Corporations sometimes need specialist expertise or extra people to achieve their outcomes - in many situations a team of professionals from a large global consulting firm is best placed to meet this need, but at times the consulting team model is not the best option.

Sometimes a skilled individual is all that’s required. Maybe a longer process at a slower pace is necessary for executives to own outcomes, and in some cases a bit of experienced advice or leadership now and then can add a lot of value. A much more flexible form of engaging the right resources was required. This was the client genesis for Cast.

‘I had also noticed that high-calibre people were leaving consulting because they couldn’t make the extraordinary demands fit with the idea of a balanced and rewarding life. This became the people genesis for Cast.’

Adam Lewis, Chairman

‘My 14 year career in a leading global consulting firm convinced me that the apprenticeship you receive in a firm like this is unparalleled… and sometimes the pace and travel is unparalleled as well. This was fine for some but other very talented people felt forced to leave a profession they otherwise loved.

I asked myself whether there was a model of consulting firm that could tap into the network of talented consultants formerly with top tier firms, provide them access to the challenging client assignments they seek with clients who value engaging them on a flexible basis, and do it in a way that allowed these consultants more control over when and where they worked.'

‘Such a firm should be able to keep overheads low enough to offer these consultants attractive remuneration and open up a whole new market of clients seeking to engage outstanding individuals with the right expertise and availability, rather than full time teams with a partner attached. Cast grew from that aspiration.’

Cindy Carpenter,
Managing Director

Adam and Cindy crossed paths in 2010 and Cast was launched later that year. Clients and consultants alike have responded very positively to Cast’s proposition of flexibility at its best, the firm has been engaged by a wide range of clients on exciting projects and has a curated network of first-rate consultants.