Here is what our clients have to say about Cast

“Cast designed an overarching business planning process which was clearly grounded in the Department’s strategic priorities, and reinforced the robustness of the organisation’s financial budgeting processes. Cast communicated the strategic components professionally and persuasively to the Department’s Secretary and executive leadership team, securing their buy-in to the reformed planning process. They provided training to the executive leadership team and the Department’s senior executive in the planning process that was well-targeted and relied upon to make the process successful. They led a workshop on identifying and employing KPIs that secured the interest and strong intellectual engagement of the participating senior executives – a real achievement given the busy work and parliamentary schedules of the time. Behind the scenes, Cast provided data analysis and strategic review of how the suite of branch business plans and divisional priorities meshed with the Department’s strategic priorities.”

Assistant Secretary, Federal Government department

“While the solutions identified and implemented by Cast have been impressive and helped the organisation meet its savings targets, a major element of the Cast approach has been the co-operative and professional manner the Cast team has employed to engage teams. Without exception, our managers and teams have expressed enthusiasm for working with Cast. They have brought an approach where they have not only delivered solutions, but have worked to build skills in our teams so that we can continue to use the approaches and methods to find ongoing business improvement and efficiencies.”

General Manager of Operations Planning, state-owned corporation

“We engaged Cast to work with us on ensuring the smooth integration and rapid realisation of synergies. This was a large acquisition with a significant integration challenge. Cast were involved in the pre-merger planning including designing the overall approach, providing governance and reporting frameworks, assisting in the creation of detailed plans, facilitating a commitment to financial targets and designing a communications and change management approach. Post completion of the merger, Cast worked with the executive team members to put in place new organisation structures, facilitate appointments and ensure implementation of integration plans and realisation of savings.

The Cast team had an effective, unobtrusive approach working alongside the executives and their teams to ensure a balanced approach to staff from both organisations, ongoing ownership of initiatives and plans by the leadership of each area of the business and coordination across all areas of the business. Their approach added critical capability allowing us to accelerate the integration process and over deliver on savings targets while minimising disruption to the core business.”

CEO, large media company